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Kickback and relax with a beautiful stay in Scotland

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Welcome to Bonnie Escapes

A holiday should not just be about the destination, it should be about the unforgettable experience. Bonnie Escapes was formed in 2021, and aims to turn a regular holiday in the countryside into a luxurious and relaxing break that allows you, friends and family, to unwind in a tranquil environment that has everything you need at your disposal.

Gillian founded Bonnie Escapes with her own ‘Beeches Bay Holiday Home’. On her own, she brought luxury to everyone that stayed, trying to focus on what her idea was of a perfect holiday by providing towels, robes, hampers, spa, fun and more. Catering to specific needs of everyone who stayed, she earned a reputation of going above and beyond for any guest.

With more demand than ever for an experience like this, Gillian has expanded into a property management company for others, and has took on more properties to grow the business to what it is today – Bonnie Escapes – where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy a beautiful stay in Scotland.

A Holiday You’ll Never Want to Leave


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